Our fees are simple and transparent.

No hidden fees. No complex invoices.

Member Rates
Age Individual Rate Individual + Spouse¹
30-65 years $100/month $90/month
18 – 30 years $50/month $135/month
Additional dependent 12 – 17² $25/month  
Additional dependent 18 – 26² $40/month  
Over 65 (we do not currently accept Medicare Part B) $125/month  
Enrollment Fee $75/family  
Per-Visit Fees Rates
Annual physical exam Free  
Preventative health maintenance Free  
Chronic disease management Free  
Urgent Care Free  
Same day and/or next day appointments Free  
Simple office procedures Free  
Sports physicals Free  
Extended office visits Free  
Unlimited office visits Free  
Communication with physician Free  
Medication Wholesale  
Labs Wholesale  
¹ Legally married couple. Marriage certificate required. Rate will be based on the older member. 
² Legal dependent. Birth certificate required. 

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