Patient Benefits

Direct Primary Care or DPC, is a unique approach to providing traditional primary care. By removing insurance from the equation, patients can receive the premium care they deserve at a very cost-effective rate.

Patients at Sasser DPC receive:

Convenient same day appointments

No need to schedule appointments weeks in advance. Typically, patients get same-day or next-day appointment with zero wait time. 

24/7 Physician communication

Contact us by email, phone, texts or even video chat. Some minor issues can be handled over the phone without ever having to make an appointment.

Significantly reduced rates on medications

Wholesale pricing on prescription medication which is dispensed directly in the clinic.

Additional benefits

  • Unlimited clinic visits
  • Visits are as short or as long as the patient would like
  • Zero deductible or copay for visits

How is this possible?

Sasser DPC vs. Traditional Clinic Physicians

Traditional primary care providers have approximately 2,500 patients assigned to them, leaving physicians with very little time to get to know you  and still properly access your medical needs. Additionally, their compensation is based on insurance bills and the number of clinic visits per day.

Traditional Clinic Physicians

  • 2500 – 3000 patient panel
  • More than 30 appointments per day
  • Spends 7 minutes with each patient
  • Spends $0.60 on the dollar billing insurance


Sasser DPC

  • 600 patient panel
  • Spends $0 on billing insurance
  • No stopwatch on appointment length
  • Less than 8 appointments per day

At Sasser DPC, our approach is very simple.

  • We have removed insurance from the equation.*
  • We have reduced our patient panel to no more than 600.
  • We see no more than 8 patients per day. 
  • There is no waiting once you arrive. 
  • You can receive medications at the clinic for a significantly reduced rate. 
*In the U.S. healthcare system, $750 billion is spent annually on expenses that are not directly linked to healthcare.
- Institute of Medicine, Mark Smith (et al), Best Care at Lower Cost, 2013

*The U.S. Spends $2,500 Per Person on Health Care Administrative Costs.
- time.com>health-care-administrative-costs

*“The high administrative costs are functions of the system’s complexity.”
- Kevin Schulman, a co-author of the study and a professor of medicine at Duke. nytimes.com>costs-health-care-us

What is the Business Advantage?

Sasser DPC can improve your employee healthcare experience to increase engagement, improve outcomes, and drive their out-of-pocket costs down.

Sasser DPC Employer Benefits is a seamless adjunct to your existing benefits plan that saves money, increases the health of your workforce, offers convenience, and reduces absenteeism.

DPC is a variant of VIP medicine, but with drastically lower fees, between $50-75 monthly per person. Employees enrolled at DPC practices receive:
  • Unlimited clinic visits. 
  • Unhurried visits, typically 1 hour, to thoroughly review medical care.
  • Zero deductibles or copays for visits.
  • Convenient same-day appointments with online scheduling.
  • Drastically reduced pricing on prescription medications, which are dispensed directly in the clinic at the visit.
  • 24/7 direct access to their physician including telemedicine visits. Minor issues are often handled remotely, so employees don’t even have to miss work.
  • Pre-negotiated cash rates for sub-specialists, typically well below commercial insurance rates.

Employer Benefits Plan

Compared to the traditional primary care model which discourages preventative care and ultimately reduces productivity with:
  • Out of pocket costs to pay deductibles and copays for clinic visits.
  • Average of approximately 3 weeks to get an appointment.
  • Average of 42 minutes waiting to be seen.
  • Average of 8 minutes face to face with the physician or nurse practioner.
  • Inability to communicate directly with the physician. 
  • Employees typicall end up in high cost urgent care or ER for minor issues.
So how is this possible?
  • Direct Primary Care practices don’t participate in insurance panels which constitutes upwards of 70% of a clinic’s overhead.
  • By cutting out the exorbitant overhead, DPC physicians are able to see fewer patients to achieve the same revenue.
  • With fewer patients, DPC physicians are able to spend more time with patients achieving early and accurate diagnoses. Excessive labs, imaging or subspecialist referrals are severly reduced and used only as needed. 
Benefits to Employers

-  Increased productivity
  • 74%l ess likely to be admitted to the hospital
  • 30% fewer hospitalized days per year
-  Decreased claim costs
  • 62% fewer referrals to specialists 
  • 65% fewer radiology exams
  • 20-40% total claim cost reduction
Health plan models

-  Self insured. Typically requires at least 15 employees
  • Employer saves money when claim costs are reduced.                              --> DPC drastically reduces claim costs.<--
  • Industry example: 800employee group saved $1,408,089 annually, a 38% decrease.
-  Fully insured
  • Savings are still generated by DPC, but insurance reaps the majority of the benefit.
  • Employer can still save by reducing premiums through High Deductible Health Plans with HSA.
  • Industry example: 205 employee group saved $125,297 (in 7months), a 25.4% decrease.
-  Non-benefitted employees
  • Small Businesses who are not required to provide employee health plans but want to provide benefits for certain high value employees.
  •  Employer pays the membership fee, $50-75 per month. The employee has the responsibility to obtain catastrophic insurance coverage on their own. Short term high deductible policies for healthy younger people can be less than $100/month.
  • 85-90% of the Employee’s health care needs can be managed in a DPC practice, with the Employee having zero out of pocket costs. A $50-75 contribution can potentially generate a $7,900 benefit to the employee by eliminating out of pockets costs for routine medical care.
I would love to talk in detail about how we can structure a plan that will provide high level concierge medical care for your employees while significantly reducing your healthcare costs. Please contact me anytime at 225-209-9946 or csasser@sasser-dpc.com.

Real, premium care that focuses on your health care needs.

Now is the time to join the Direct Primary Care movement that is returning healthcare to its roots by putting the focus back on the doctor-patient relationship. Real, premium care an affordable rate with completely transparent pricing. 
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